Thursday, November 24, 2011

The ' Facebook ' Sister !

            I don't quite know what to make of this , but it happened just last Sunday when I was chatting up my friend ( let's call him Needy because he should have rightly been the poster boy for India's malnutritioned ). I still call him ' Malnutritioned ' by the way . Sometimes he's ' Immunocompromised ' or ' Baggy pants ' ......all medical terms, excuse me ! " Immunocompromised " is verbatim , when your immunity is compromised and you attract diseases like Rakhi Sawant to mindless controversy and " Baggy pants " is a sign to detect low weight for age in children when you don't seem to have a proper ahem......posterior, in which case your pants are doomed to suffer a ' wardrobe malfunction ' unless your modesty is salvaged by that humble belt .

           During the course of our conversation, I happened to ask him why he left ( our dear, indispensable ) Facebook just as I joined it . Well, it was that the invention of Mark Zuckerberg had been " non-productive " for him .

           Well, of course it means what you think it is . His online dating experiences didn't turn up any results , and wonder of wonders, he's ended up with what I think an evolutionary mutation on the virtual planet - An online sister called " The Facebook Sister " .

          Now how exactly does one end up this way ? I nudged Needy to share the dynamics of this social networking aberration but he wouldn't say, despite my best attempts ( which included bribing the boy with chocolates ) . Everyone knows social networking sites are a favoured  hunting ground for potential mates / boyfriends / girlfriends . Interested in ' making brothers/sisters ' is something I'm not quite sure one would want to come across, and if by a freak chance one did, would be a sure put down . Needy says that both of them had become very close through their online interactions. But surely, being very close to a sister is a direct U-turn from being very close to a friend . I know of most guys who cringe at the thought of Raksha Bandhan and would rather stay at home than risking by any tragic encounter, any thread tying by their favourite females. I myself remeber grudgingly tying rakhis to my classmates when small , just because the other girls were doing so , when clearly I had no such " brotherly " feelings for those guys , if you know what I mean ; )

            And now my Needy has ended up with his Facebook sister. Both of them had even scheduled to meet, what with I agreeing to let her stay  in my hostel room . But she didn't come.....perhaps she thought it better to tie the rakhi online ......

           And as for Needy,  exasperated and without any further success on " flirt interests " , this time too , ( poor guy's been trying to get lucky since time immemorial ! ) he has torn himself apart from the seductions of the site .

           And as for me, I tell him , never to give up even if that means you end up becoming the doting , adorable brother to lots of giggling girls .


  1. A gud short prose which shows a facet of our age full of FB- & Twitter-Communications.

    Anant Kumar

  2. aww i like this post the most, any ways I always thought doctors are the busiest kind of people... someone who has managed to keep up with her blog is just amazing... and yes, your writing is phenomenal... :)

  3. Than q , Akankshya ..:) And ur thoughts are right , we tend 2 b busy ... and I've been away for a long hiatus , will surely come back ..:)

  4. Concise, humorous and sweet account of the nuances f online dating..