Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Hitched !

             Whoa ! Before you jump to any obvious conclusions , ' hitched ' here doesn't mean I'm hitched to someone but it is hitched as in tying the knot with my profession ! I know I may have quelled any hopes of entertainment out now , but this post finds itself as a  culmination of what I feel day in and day out ! And since you are reading my blog , you will only get to read about me, right !

              As a doctor, the very strenous nature and expanse of our study and the required practical involvement with patients day in and day out , not to mention the compatibility, "chemistry", equality and stability that a relationship between theoretical knowledge and the actual clinical scenario demands, there is little time left for us to actually attain the luxury of a personal life. Infact I dread to think of those who have additional family responsibilities.  That's one reason why my singledom is too precious to me :)

             As for me, after leaving for college at 7:00 am and studying till 9:00pm, which is not even remotely sufficient for the day's work, I find myself desperately craving for some ' Me ' time....

             And now I arrive at the precipice of shock to even think of the fact that I may be growing unidimensionally. It is imperative to grow and evolve as time passes and thus life grows , otherwise I feel like a river which has stopped flowing and turned stagnant . I just don't feel natural and sane .

              I would say this, about our professional community . As doctors, we sacrifice our personal lives at the altar of the demands of our profession . Have you ever read about or met a doctor whose conversation doesn't revolve around his work and his patients ? And what is it that we get ? I am not saying that I don't get anything , no, definitely not ! I am priveleged to be a part of the most noble occupation here in the world. But if it is at the expense of my personal life , the motivation quotient gets diminished. At the end of the day if I am not happy and fulfilled, honestly then , my efforts towards helping others will also not bear the sincerity it requires .

             It's very difficult to bring a balanced juxtaposition of the twain. Nevertheless, vital for the growth of my soul. Yeah, I know it sounds so esoteric, but this is how I feel and this is how I have always been .

             There are miles to travel and milestones to conquer. It's like what Newton said , " I feel like a child playing on the beach , and the entire ocean of truth lies undiscovered before me ."

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