Sunday, November 27, 2011

Of Peculiar Uncles and Chocolates !

                                   And so it is .........the end of one week , once again ! It is that every Sunday , I never stop falling in awe of the fact that one more week has passed by irrevocably ......and it's kind of scary when you see time flying faster than an albatross before you . I literally saw the white albatross before my eyes now as I sit typing this away on my laptop , and it gave me the chills !!!!! Whoo !!!!
                                      I am tempted to share something of what happened last Sunday . Well , it's not the juicy kind of temptation you might expect ( Trust me , I so wish it would have been true , sigh ! ) .

                                       I started working on a presentation I would be giving on " Simplified techniques of Breast examination " . I called Needy ( For those of you who need an introduction , refer to my post " The Facebook Sister " ) for help and we decided to meet up at my uncle's house . Now my uncle , a general surgeon , when you have a first glance at him , and actually have lots of glances everyday , will become sure of the belief that he should have somehow been at the Amazon jungle . For the man never ever smiles ( even courteously ) , is short and dark , and I am pretty much sure his hair has never ever seen the teeths of a comb . So , it is I enter his house , Needy in tow ........I had already informed him , I would be coming with a friend ! And as soon as he saw the malnutritioned specimen , Miracle of Miracles , my uncle gave me such a broad smile of his white teeth spreading across his black face , that I just immediately felt shy and confused . I looked down and then up , at Needy whose face wore  his omnipresent clueless expression just to hear Uncle's rejoinder , " Oh ! So THIS is the FRIEND you were  referring to " , promptly garnished with ( Gasp ! ) a wicked glint in his eyes . Did the set of eyes and lips I just saw , actually belonged to him ?

                                         What is it with elders and their hyperactive minds ............I guess nobody's an exception when it comes to age - related idiosyncrasies ? Hushed whispers of this uncle's wife and how she's married the wrong person proliferate abundantly among our relatives' circles . My closest friend , ( let's call her S , mostly because she has an incredibly long name ) retorted I should have clicked a photo of his on that exact opportune moment , and with the date and time written , sent it to his in-laws .........They would be so happy and relieved ! Perhaps I only need to mention Needy before him ..........oh my Needy , I bet you should be so proud of yourself have become the official aphrodisiac to someone's happiness on Earth ............Gosh ! this is so much a teary - eyed moment for both of us !

                                          And now the rest of my week was spent working on that very presentation , It's one of the things I am already regretting because the date just keeps getting postponed on and on ....... , waking up with a start just before 7 am to actually , physically run to my class , dancing impromptu on one or two evenings , even if that means facing an acute leg pain the next day ....( I have hypokalemia , that's the deficiency of potassium and electrolyte imbalance on and off  , which still doesn't stop me from dancing like mad ! ) , lots of laughs shared with friends and of course , my daily binging on my sweet cravings ......( If I would have been some monster in children's stories , I would have been the one who gobbles up all the sweets and candies and ice-cream.............and yes, then got killed by the fairy ! ( Wait a minute ! Do fairies kill ? )..............and celebrating an all chocolate evening the day before yesterday when I totally gorged on chocolate pastry , my favourite butterscotch coated  chocolate and downing it all with hot chocolate again ! Yumm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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