Thursday, December 1, 2011

Sunset Boulevard

Feel the cool breeze through my hair ,
Let open like the wilderness
I stroll , without any memories
Detached from my worries ........
Feet flit through the sands ,
Which are ever so willing to collapse under .

Lay down on 'em
And gaze ,
Without the flow of thoughts , just of the sea ..........
At the moment in Time ,
Frozen within the arms of my rapturous senses .
I am like a solitary fleck in the big , black universe .

Hours dissolving away
Like a candle lighted ,
Swallowed by the Sun of Silence within ,
Which my soul was hungry for a slice of ..........

The stormy rapids of my thoughts ,
Tamed by the rhythmic roar of the sea .........
My emotions and desires
Usually unhidden from all
Bubble up on the surface , as always
Of a clear , transparent crystal lake
Of my countenance .

But now I find it interspersed
With a placidity an erstwhile stranger
Perhaps orchestrated by the song
Of life I find around me ...........

There go the evening joggers ,
The playing children ,
The couple lost in each other ,
The couple quarreling with each other ,
The lone souls and the picnic groups ........

And all their emotions , hopes , and fleeting thoughts .......
Captured by the waves that lash at the shore
As if to pick them
And run back to the horizon ..........

As one wave rushes towards me
And sashays back ........
To be quickly replaced by the next ,
That however arrives in its own time .........

Somewhere a dip , elsewhere a crest ..........
But nothing changes on the surface ,
As life that goes on
And you are always the same person
You were born .......

Painting the sky with
Hues of orange and tints of red
And somewhere stroked a whimsical yellow shade ,
The sun announces its time of rest ......
As I get up and prepare
For the night and the life that lays ahead .........
And take a last glimpse of
This Sunset Boulevard !


  1. Well composed!

    And the second last stanza "Somewhere a dip, elsewhere a crest.../" shows the composure`s gift of reflection beside her fine observations.

    Anant Kumar

  2. Poetry, Beauty & Melancholy!

    And the 3rd stanza is full of aesthetics.

    Beauty of words can be very often flatulent. Some times like in the above poem well placed.